Saturday 12th of March 2022 / 2:30 pm

maison Folie Moulins, Lille
Free entrance

Video Mapping Awards – Programme 1

The Video Mapping Festival #5 offers a video mapping competition to reward the best productions of the year 2020-2021.

A Jury composed of mapping professionals (artists, festival programmers, producers, researchers, etc.) will award the prizes on the evening of Saturday 12th of March 2022..

Duration of the programme: approx. 1h


Jérémy Oury / France / 2020 / Monument video mapping / 3 min 04

Showing: Goodman Library, Napa, USA – 11th of January 2020 (Napa Lighted Art Festival)
With an asynchronous soundtrack, the permanent rotation of a prism unveils 3 chromatic universes and thwarts the spectator’s imagination by the incessant interruption of the construction and deconstruction movements… until this catalyst gathers all the power of the luminous rays to reveal the architecture of the building!



Lumine Projections / Austria / 2021 / 360° immersive video mapping / 21 min 15

Showing: Vienna, Austria – From 21th to 28th of October 2021 (20th anniversary of the MuseumsQuartier Vienna)
To mark the 20th anniversary of the MuseumsQuartier, the 360° mapping show re:flexion immerse visitors in a world of light and sound. Light reflections and light pulses come together with rhythmic sounds to create a unique atmosphere. The reciprocal interplay of the light and laser pulses creates new networks between the buildings. The result is a symphony created from the interplay between light and sound.



Studio ÉNORME / France / 2021 / Monument video mapping/ 7 min 50

Showing: Saint-Pierre Basilica, Avignon, France – From 30th of July to 31th of August 2021 (Hélios Festival)
On her way home, a young woman stops at a mysterious box. What could happen to her, on such an ordinary day, drowned in her thoughts and the incessant noise of the world moving around her.



Filip Roca / Spain / 2021 / Object video mapping / 6 min 30

Showing: Wonderspaces, Scottsdale, USA – 2021
Volumen , is an audiovisual installation that revolves around three-dimensional forms contained in a dened space. Their nature and behavior unfold through the fusion made of light and sound, which invites the viewer to immerse in an optical illusion that evokes unknown landscapes of digital entanglements. The piece resonates with Brutalist aesthetics and its material honesty, evolving around the constraint of 5 physical rectangular volumes. It creates a tension of confined energy that the human of today can most certainly relate to.


Blessing to Misfortune

J John Tettenborn, Kourtney Lara Ross / Germany / 2021 / Monument video mapping / 5 min

Showing: Bastille, Weimar, Germany – From 24th to 26th of September 2021 (Genius Loci Weimar)
The artwork tells the tragic story of Johanna Catharina Höhn, a maid that got into an unwanted pregnancy. With no support, she went crazy and killed her newborn, ultimately being sentenced to death. The visual style used is like graphic novel or film noir with subtle mapping effects, the music was enhanced with a live violin performance.


Flying Horse

SKG+ Media / China / 2020 / 360° immersive video mapping / 5 min

Showing: Anping Sports Center & Culture Theatre, Hengshui City, China – 2nd of October 2020
The immersive epic Drama Flying Horse is held in a 7 000-square-meter panoramic experience theater with a height of 20 meters. With the theme of Chinese horse culture, it interprets the legend of horse in beautiful Anping, and shows the long history and essence of horse culture in Anping.



OYÉ / France / 2021 / Monument video mapping / 1 min

Showing: Kerlévenan Castle, Sarzeau, France – 31th of July 2021 (La P’Art Belle Festival)
AR-Lumen is the collaboration between designer Tom Hebrard and artist Paul Vivien. Used to new technologies and monumental projection mapping, they want to take the opposite view of an “innovation race” which is hitting the digital art and design sectors. Forgetting about software, energy-consuming video projectors and nights spent in front of their computers, they focus on low-tech, salvage and hijacking, hacking old high school overhead projectors.


Slice of Life

Dies_ / Italia / 2021 / Monument video mapping / 3 min

Showing: Palatul Parlamentului, Bucharest, Roumanie – 18th of September 2021 (iMapp Bucharest – Winners League)
A In theatre, the expression “slice of life” is used to describe a very realistic representation of life’s character. In this project, the Building is the main character of the show and slices of life are conceived as cuts over the building’s surface. Life forms, such as energy flows, gush out from these cuts after a long time of confinement.



Glitch / Belgium / 2021 / Monument video mapping / 10 min

Showing: Stade des Jeux, Esplanade of Namur Citadelle, Belgium – 17th & 18th of September 2021 (Fêtes de Wallonie)
Glitch wanted to create an osmosis between classical art movements and digital art, that they merge, and they get mixed up to form a work of art, which is the video mapping OSMOSE. The osmosis also happens between the visual art and the music. Indeed, Glitch worked with Elefan, a band from Brussels, who created the original soundtrack.



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