Video mapping competition

Saturday 8th of April 2023 / 10 am
Auditorium of the Palace of Fine Arts, Lille
Access 18bis rue de Valmy

Every year, the Video Mapping Festival offers a video mapping competition to reward the best productions of the year.
The video mapping selected during a pre-selection will be presented to the public in the form of video recordings.
Following the screening, a Jury composed of professionals will award the prizes for the best productions of the year 2022, during IBSIC’s closing ceremony in the evening.
The prizes are designed by ruestungsschmie.de and 3D printed by Future Campus Ruhr.

In competition:
• ARCAAN Collective (France) – IMMERSIVE up/down (object video mapping)
• Dies_ (Italy) - Structures (monument video mapping)
• Julian Hölscher (Germany) – vivid canvas (object video mapping)
• Inook (France) – Grand Mix au Musée des Beaux-Arts (monument video mapping)
• Limbic Cinema (United Kingdom) – Within Without (live video mapping)
• Maxin10sity (Hungary) – Winter Brilliance (object video mapping)
• Yann Nguema, Anima Lux (France) – Entre Fer et Mer (monument video mapping)
• Onionlab (Spain) – Climate (monument video mapping)
• Jérémy Oury, Ludovic Finck (France) – Exo-Cortex 2.0 (immersive video mapping)
• Filip Roca (Spain, Montenegro) – Dimensional Analogy (monument video mapping)
• Studio Phormatik (Bulgaria) – Radiant Route (360° video mapping)
• xenorama (Germany)RE:ZITATION (monument video mapping)

Video Mapping Awards pre-selection Jury:
• László Zsolt Bordos - artist (Hungary)
• Nika Perne - curator and producer (Slovenia)
• Philip Modest Schambelan - artist, ruestungsschmie.de (Germany)
• Martina Stella - multimedia artist (France, Italy)
• Hendrik Wendler - artistic director, Genius Loci Weimar (Germany)

Video Mapping Awards Jury:
• Philipp Geist - artist, Videogeist / Studio Philipp Geist (Germany)
• Jean-Baptiste Hardoin - creative director, Moment Factory (France)
• Birgit Lill-Schnabl - head of organisation and programme, KLANGLICHT - The Festival
of Sound and Vision (Austria)
• Andrea Möller - director, Media Art Friesland / LUNA Festival (The Netherlands)
• Carole Purnelle - artist and curator, Ocubo (Portugal)

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