The Video Mapping Festival in the Hauts-de-France Region

April > October 2023
Hauts-de-France Region

From the month of April, about 15 cities in the Hauts-de-France region will host the Festival for unprecedented video mapping events (monument, immersive, video mapping tours...) that will highlight the specificities of each territory through the valorisation of their heritage.
In October, the Video Mapping Festival will close its regional tour with a 3-day video mapping tour in the city centre of Amiens.

Roubaix (City Hall, La Piscine, Saint-Martin Church) / 28th and 29th of April
Béthune (Video mapping tour in the city) / 6th of May
Saint-Omer (Sandelin Museum) / 13th of May
Lannoy (City Hall) / 2nd of June
Wallers-Arenberg (Video mapping tour at the Mining Site) / 16th and 17th of June
Seclin (Saint-Piat Collegiate Church) / 1st of July
Lille (Orchestre National de Lille) / 6th and 7th of July
Villeneuve d’Ascq (LaM) / 13th of July
Cayeux-sur-Mer (Hourdel Lighthouse) / 23rd of July
Saint-Quentin (Jean Vilar Theatre) / 26th of August
Vendeville (City Hall) / 8th of September
Péronne (Video mapping tour at the Historial of the Great War) / 16th of September
Valenciennes (City Hall) / 29th of September
Liévin (City Hall) / 6th of October
Vimy (City Hall) / 7th of October
Closing: Amiens (Video mapping tour in the city) / 19th > 21st of October
More info to come.
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